Je ne Regrette Rien ("I Have No Regrets")
by Ted CoConis

Feature of the Month:
Women are bringing about significant change in this traditional wine region.

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California produces an impressive range of world-class wines, as do other major wine regions, and its winemakers are both women and men. Yet, when we ask colleagues, locally or abroad, knowledgeable about wine, "Do you know of any women winemakers?" - the usual response is, "Hmm, I am sure there are some, but I just don't know of any."

The primary goal of our searchable web-based resource is to illuminate the lead women winemakers of California wineries, those who have primary responsibility for producing the wine. We provide the most comprehensive and accurate information currently available on these California winemakers, the wineries and wine region where they craft their wines, and the evolution of their careers. (See the three search options below.)

Our new and upcoming "BEYOND CA" section of the site will illuminate the lead women winemakers in major international wine areas we have visited, and describes their careers and where they craft their wines. Click on the BEYOND CA heading (Coming Soon!) for the listing of these winemakers and links to their wineries.

What's New provides up-to-date CA, U.S., and Global news on women winemakers; Our Studies lists our research studies regarding women winemakers.

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