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250 pages including 35 illustrations, 5 appendices, maps, and glossary
Luminare Press
ISBN 978-1-64388-257-4
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Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys

“Where do I begin, I’m just so thankful. Well acclaimed professors, writing about women’s winemaking history with in-person interviews, facts, figures, and from around places in this world!” (Jo Diaz, Juicy Tales)

Lucia and John Gilbert, professors and lovers of wine, engaged in in-person conversations with dozens of women winemakers from throughout California and wine regions of France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. They present the Personal Odysseys of these trailblazers through the lens of four career pathways and the cultural histories of each wine region.

“The Gilberts are careful to allow their subjects to speak for themselves as much as possible. These are important voices and the Gilberts do a great service by giving them this opportunity to be heard.” (Mike Veseth, Editor of the Wine Economist)

“A well-researched, detailed text that covers key women in various wine regions throughout the world. . . I can think of no better source.” (Miquel Hudin, Distinguished wine writer)

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