Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys
Excerpts from Book Reviewers

Miquel Hudin, Distinguished Wine Writer. "A well-researched, detailed text that covers key women in various wine regions throughout the world. . . I can think of no better source."

Mike Veseth, Editor of The Wine Economist. "This is a scholarly volume, but not a stuffy or boring one. The Gilberts are careful to allow their subjects to speak for themselves as much as possible. These are important voices and the Gilberts do a great service by giving them this opportunity to be heard. The book makes a distinctive contribution to our understanding and appreciation of global wine."

Neal D. Hulkower, Journal of Wine Economics. "There are insights of lasting value especially to those contemplating a career in the wine. The four pathways are a clever categorization of the sources of motivation for those considering entering the business. Success attributes of and lessons learned by those who have reached the top offer essential wisdom. The book and website give us visibility into another enterprise where women are finally making progress, albeit at a pace too slow for many."

Kay Deaux, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies, Psychology of Women Quarterly. "The authors’ stated goal was 'to make lead women wine-makers more visible.' They have done that and much more. They provide valuable reference material and documentation: a list of all the women winemakers that they interviewed, biographic profiles of the women in California who first pushed open doors between 1965 and 1984, maps of wine regions that the authors visited in their research, a list of their interview questions, and a glossary of wine terms. These materials will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in winemaking and the women who have helped to develop the industry."

Jo Diaz, Wine Writer, Juicy Tales. "Where do I begin, I’m just so thankful. Well acclaimed professors, writing about women’s winemaking history with in-person interviews, facts, figures, and from around places in this world!"

Michael Perlis, Wine Writer. "Researched over several years, the book tells the important stories of women winemakers, both in and out of California."

T. Healy, Professor of Engineering. "The book can be an inspiration to any girl or young woman who is striving to enter a field not traditionally open to women. I see the book as a potential birthday, or whatever holiday, gift to a young woman, a gift that sends the message 'you go for it'."

Becca, The Academic Wino. "A must read for women in wine."

Cathy Huyghe, Forbes Wine Writer. "The Gilberts were featured in a 'books on wine' evening hosted by the Napa Valley Wine Library Association. I was struck by how the Gilberts described the process of creating their book, from the lightbulb moment they decided to focus on women winemakers as an area of study, to the challenges they encountered while identifying lead women winemakers, to applying their findings beyond the world of wine. Their book is top on my list for special reads."