Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee

Charles R Vineyards (Winemaker)

The oldest grandchild of Italian immigrants, Lisa Lee grew up in the family's restaurant where sharing good food and wine was always the first step to friendship, laughter, or important decision making. In 2007, Lisa Lee began pursuing her own passion for wine, attending the Las Positas College Enology program and eventually earning her Winemaking Certificate from the University of California, Davis, in 2012.

While completing her winemaking education, Lisa began working at nearby wineries, first as an intern at Occasio Winery in Livermore, CA, and next gaining cellar experience at Irish Monkey Cellars in Oakland. Lisa then worked her way from cellar assistant to assistant winemaker at Urban Legend Cellars.

With the mentorship of Urban Legend Cellars' owners and winemakers, Steve and Marilee Shaffer, and the shared ideas and visions of her partner, Kelly Sharp, Lisa and Kelly launched Farina Blanco Winery. It is a small boutique winery fully owned and operated by women, and a testament to the strength and sacrifice of generations past, particularly those of Lisa and Kelly's grandmothers.

In 2010, Lisa completed her first vintage as winemaker for Farina Blanco, using Pinot Noir grapes from her family's vineyard on Sonoma Mountain. In the subsequent years, she produced Chardonnay and Rose of Pinot Noir for Farina Blanco, using fruit sourced exclusively from the Farina Family Vineyard.

Focusing on the appellation’s specialty of powerful yet elegant wines, Lisa enjoyed exploring the terroir of Sonoma Mountain while at Farina Blanco. She is now applying her skills as winemaker at Charles R Vineyards in the Livermore Valley, creating wines that embody a well-rounded and relaxed lifestyle that celebrates the specialness of every day.