Shawna Miller

Shawna Miller

Earthshine (Winemaker & Proprietor)

Shawna Miller began her odyssey toward becoming a winemaker by earning a B.S. in forestry from Virginia Tech and then working for various management agencies and university research facilities in the U.S. However, she was intrigued by the field of enology, and satisfied that interest by pursuing and receiving an Extension Winemaking Certificate from the University of California, Davis.

She subsequently gained valuable experience in winemaking by working at several different wineries throughout the Napa Valley. These included Beaulieu Vineyards and Rombauer Vineyards. Internationally, she furthered her experience by working harvest in New Zealand and Australia. Along the way, Shawna was mentored by a number of accomplished winemakers that included Tom Peterson, Phillippe Melka. Julian Fayard, Rob Lloyd, and Rob Mann.

For Shawna, a career in winemaking was a natural professional progression because her background in agriculture prepared her for some of the unglamorous aspects of the field, including the long, dirty harvest days in the cellar. She relishes the challenges associated with harvest.

Food and wine are important to Shawna as a means of connecting with family and friends. She ran the Luna Vineyards winemaking program from 2011 until the winery’s sale in 2021 and crafted wines made in the true Italian spirit, namely, wines that are made to be part of mouth-watering meals and great company at the table. In this tradition, her varietals included Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Syrah.

After Luna was sold, Shawna founded Earthshine Wines to continue producing soul-stirring wines that warm her heart. Named for the astronomical term first coined by Leonardo da Vinci to describe the sun’s glow reflected off of the earth, Earthshine Wines focuses on small-lot Bordeaux varietals as well as food-friendly Italian and off-the-beaten-path wines. She recently acquired the One Thousand Vines brand, a label under which she crafts Cabernet Sauvignon.

Shawna, Zak, her spouse and also a winemaker, and children live in the Napa area.