Meredith Miles Sarboraria

Meredith Miles Sarboraria

Rodrigue Molyneaux (Consulting Winemaker)

Meredith Miles Sarboraria grew up in the Livermore Valley. Although she enjoyed working in tasting rooms around the valley, she initially thought that Geology was her professional calling and earned an Associate degree in that discipline at Las Positas College in Livermore. However, she knew she wanted to have a career in the wine industry and went back to Las Positas when they started their Enology/Viticulture program in 2004, earning her degree in 2009, the third student to do so. She held harvest internships at Wente Vineyards in 2006 and at Cedar Mountain Winery in Spring, 2007.

Meredith made the jump from cellular sales to a winemaking career by finding a job as a “cellar rat” at Fenestra Winery in mid-2007. By 2009 she had progressed to the position of assistant winemaker at Fenestra and was named its winemaker in 2013. She left Fenestra in 2014 and after a short stint with TerrAvion, became consulting winemaker at Livermore Valley’s Crooked Vine and Stony Ridge Winery in 2015. In early 2018, Meredith joined Rodrigue Molyneaux Estate Vineyard & Winery in the Livermore Valley as its consulting winemaker There, her favorite wine is the Dos Mesas Bordeaux blend.

Meredith strives to get Livermore’s reputation back to the original glory and notoriety it had before Prohibition, when it was known worldwide as the first American region to win the Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition of 1889. She is constantly trying to utilize better methods and advancements in winemaking to create the most balanced, fresh, and flavorful wines she can. In connection with these goals, Meredith formed Barrel Down Wine Services in 2015 with the intention of sharing her knowledge with others in the field by teaching wine classes and judging wine competitions, among other activities.

“I love making wine in Livermore, my hometown, because not only are the conditions right for growing grapes, but the people here are incredible to work with. There is a sense of camaraderie here, and everyone has the same focus of helping the whole valley to succeed. People are open and willing to share their experience and skills where they can to make that happen. Livermore is finally back to pre-Prohibition numbers with almost 60 wineries, and every one of them is eager to share their wine with the public.”