Floriane Eznack

Floriane Eznack

Champagne JACQUART (chef de cave)

Floriane Eznack is chef de cave of Champagne JACQUART based in Reims. Floriane joined JACQUART as its chef de cave in January 2011. She is also a member of La Transmission.

Champagne JACQUART was born in the vineyard and founded by a group of visionary growers in 1964 as a Chardonnay-growers cooperative. Today, under the ownership of the Alliance Champagne group, there are 1,600 partner growers cultivating 2,000 hectares of vines. From this large and diverse palette of vines, the fruit from 350 hectares spread over sixty different crus is carefully selected to make the JACQUART champagnes.

According to Floriane, “There is a true love between women and champagne.” For her, “champagne is to innovate.” She brings great passion, verve, and creativity to her work.

Floriane is the youngest of the chef de cave we met. Born in the Cognac area of France in 1979, she grew up in London and Paris. Her parents, both diplomats, introduced her to wine and travel at an early age. After completing a degree in biochemistry in Paris, she decided on the wine industry as a career path, and completed her master’s degree in enology in 2004 in Reims.

Not being from the Champagne area, Floriane knew it would be hard to find a position in the wine industry there. Consequently, she moved to southwest France and worked as a wine consultant for two years. While there, she worked with a cellar master “who really taught me about winemaking.” Her next position, for four years, was at Veuve Clicquot as part of a 12-person winemaker communication team. She was one of the two women on this team. Eager for a more challenging position, she was pleasantly surprised when a person from Clicquot recommended her for the chef de cave position at Champagne JACQUART.

The Wines. We moved to a special laboratory for a most educational tasting. Floriane was very articulate in explaining the complexities of champagne, how blending is the key, and how to taste. While tasting, we also discussed questions currently on her mind, such as how one uses the position of winemaker to modernize a champagne house, and whether women really have an influence in the making of champagne and the future of Champagne as a wine region. At JACQUART she works with a team of four, three men and herself. She sees her role as challenging the team to use its true talents to modernize the house and produce champagnes made with passion, elegance, and emotion.

Our tasting started with its flagship wine, the Brut Mosaique, which beautifully showcases the elegance of the JACQUART style. Next we tasted the Blanc de Blancs 2009, a cuvée from a single varietal (Chardonnay) made in a year having an exceptionally good harvest; we loved its creaminess and long, light finish. We concluded with the 2006 Cuvée Alpha, JACQUART’s premium release. Its harmonious blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay has depth and finesse, and transmits passion. Floriane expressed particular excitement about creating this cuvée: “There are not rules to follow. It is new every year!”