Susie Selby

Susie Selby

Selby Winery (Winemaker & Owner)

Susie Selby, winemaker and owner of Selby Winery, gained her passion for wine from her father, who encouraged Susie to taste all kinds of wine while growing up in Dallas. Susie attended Vanderbilt University, earned her M.B.A. from George Washington University, and worked in the corporate arena.

After a visit to wine country with her father, Susie decided she wanted to be a winemaker and literally reinvented herself by starting at the beginning and mastering each step along the way. She began as a tasting room manager, then moved into sales and marketing. She learned about the mechanics of winemaking and became a cellar worker, so she could work with barrels and wine, drive a forklift, manage a cellar and warehouse, and help with harvest and crush. From there, she became an assistant winemaker, thus learning the finer techniques of winemaking.

Susie designed Selby Winery to accommodate her handcrafted approach. She picks, ferments, processes, and even bottles by hand. For most of her lots, she uses small, half-ton bins for extended maceration. She believes that timing is everything. Knowing when to harvest, how long to age, when to blend, when to bottle, and when to release is more than science; it's an art that is based on experience and intuition, and dependent on nature.

Selby Winery is the result of an unwavering vision and passion and many years of hands-on labor. From her very first vintage, which was 150 cases of 1993 Chardonnay, Susie has been doing what she loves. She makes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Syrah, among other varietals, and has received a number of awards for her wines.

Most of all, Susie loves bringing family and friends together through wine. In her free time, she enjoys sports and is a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco Giants.