"Physicists define stress as force per unit area. The rest

of the humanity defines stress as physics" - Unknwon


Santa Clara University

MECH 201. Advanced Engineering Mathematics II

MECH 202. Advanced Engineering Mathematics I & II

MECH 266. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

MECH 270. Viscous Flow

MECH 102. Introduction to Mathematical Methods in Mechanical Engineering

MECH 120. Engineering Mathematics

MECH 121. Thermodynamics

MECH 122. Fluid Mechanics

Senior Design Projects:

"Elastic Tail Propulsion at Low Re"

Students: R. Barros-Barreto, J. Miranti, Y. Park, E. Vidal (2020-21)

(Senior Design Conference' 21 MECH Session Winner)

"Soft Robotic Locomotion via Mechanical Metamaterials: Application in Pipe Inspections"

Students: J. Barr, A. Boyle, M. Goodfellow, N. Rogers, C. Stephens (2020-21)

(Senior Design Conference' 21 MECH Session Winner)

"Realization of a Push-Me-Pull-You Swimmer"

Students: B. Hosoume, O. Silverberg, D. Plascencia, N. Trivedi, C. Tisch (2018-19)

(Co-supervised with Emre Araci, Bioengineering; see ublication in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics)

"Solar Dehydr8"

Students: I. Tierney, D. Kim, N. Lurie, L. Smith, C. Murray (2017-18)

(Co-supervised with Walter Yuen; Senior Design Conference' 18 MECH Session Winner)

"Combined Computational and Experimental Studies of the Fontan Graft"

Students: N. Mehta, D. Obenauf, J. Porter, M. Reese, T. Valentine (2016-17)

(Senior Design Conference' 17 MECH Session Winner)

“Bacterial Pathogen Detection in a Low-Cost Capillary-Driven Fluidic Platform”     

Students: K. Pietrzyk, A. Ly, A. Maldonado-Liu, S. Fukuoka (2015-16)

(Co-supevised with Ahsley Kim, Bioengineering; awarded 2nd place in the Best Student Paper Contest at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2016)

Princeton University

Teaching Transcript Program, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning

University of California, San Diego

MAE 105. Introduction to Mathematical Physics


UC San Diego Academic Connections "Introduction to Fluids and Mechanical Engineering From a Straw to an Airplane"

Youtube Video: "Going Crazy with Non-Newtonian Fluids" (Summer 2015)

  Santa Clara University, Summer Enginering Seminar (2017-21)