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Various groups on campus will organize events during the quarter which are related to our course or to the study of religion in our world. You are encouraged to attend, both as a citizen of the University and as a student of religious studies this term.

You will receive extra credit if, in addition to attending the event, you analyze and reflect on it in a 2-3 page paper. Introduce the speaker, date, and title of the event in the first paragraph. In the body of your paper, explore the speaker's career more fully (use links below) and summarize and analyze the presentation. To do this successfully, break out paragraphs that address the following questions:
  • What has the speaker published, and/or with what organizations is the the speaker affiliated?
  • What were the central points of the presentation?
  • What insights did the speaker offer?
  • In what ways do the speaker's points relate to our course?
In the final paragraph of your paper, evaluate the speaker's presentation. What did you appreciate most? What did you learn? Was there anything that was problematic about the presentation, or any points you would argue with? Why?

This paper should follow the formatting directions for a short assignment available at Style Sheet. The paper must be submitted within a week of the event.

The following events are eligible for extra credit in this class. The list will be updated weekly, so check back in regularly. If you learn of any events that might be appropriate for extra credit, propose them to the professor beforehand for approval.