Explorers Migration Facts

Where did they come from?

  • Sir Francis Drake was from England and was sailing around the world for Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Sebastian Vizcaino was born in Spain and was a merchant who sailed from New Spain (what is now Mexico).
  • Juan Bautista de Anza was from Mexico and traveled to California to help the Spanish colonies there.

Vizcarino Map



Reasons for Migrating

  • These explorers traveled all around the world in service of their country looking for land to claim and good places to make colonies.

Where did they settle?

  • Usually the explorers didn’t settle in the lands they discovered, but other colonists set up towns in the areas they discovered such as the San Diego, Monterey, and San Francisco areas.

What happened as a result of their arrival?

  • Vizcaino explored the northern coast of California and the maps he made were used until about 1790.
  • De Anza’s land route to California helped to save the Spanish colonies that had been difficult to reach.
  • Their discovery of this land and the discovery of an easier way to reach it led to more pioneers settling in the area. This eventually caused the native populations to decrease substantially.

Intersections with Nature

  • As explorers came to the California coast, more cities of pioneers began to form. Unfortunately, most of the California coast is also the habitat of the mountain lion. Many people began to establish settlements along the coast and the mountain lions were pushed out of their habitat. Many people killed mountain lions because they would attack livestock. The mountain lion population has greatly decreased due to their loss of habitat because they cannot easily adapt to new habitats.

(Information from: http://www.californiawildlifecenter.org/export/sites/cwc/wildlife/index.html)


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