Beyond CA (Beyond California)

"BEYOND CA" introduces the lead women winemakers we have had the pleasure of meeting in the major international wine areas and other U.S. wine areas listed below. For each winemaker, we provide a description of her career and where she crafts her wines. Unlike our sections on California winemakers, which attempt to include all the lead women winemakers in the state, in most cases BEYOND CA only includes a significant subset of women winemakers in the specified region. For each region, we also provide a link to our article describing our visit, for those interested in greater detail about that region.

Image provided by New Zealand History, 1919 Year Book. Map shows where New Zealand would be situated if placed in the corresponding Northern Hemisphere latitude, but with east (instead of west) longitude, for comparison with countries on the Mediterranean Sea.
Canada: The Women Winemakers of the Okanagan Are Holding Their Ground

France: Burgundy

France: From La Transmission to Les Fa'Bulleuses: Femmes de Vin Advancing Champagne

Italy: Three Women Bring Special Recognition to Southern Italy's Wine Regions of Irpinia and Sicily

Italy: Women Winemakers in the Piemonte-Langhe: The "Curse" Upended

New Zealand: The Inspiring and Iconic Women Winemakers of New Zealand's Hawke's Bay Wine Region

Portugal: Conversations with Women Winemakers in Portugal's New Douro

Spain: Conversations with Women Winemakers in Spain's Priorat Region

Spain: Conversations with Winemakers in Spain's Penedès Region

Spain: Conversations with Women Winemakers in Rioja, Spain

USA: Walla Walla Women Winemakers Challenge the Status Quo