My name is Dr. Kristin Kulas and I am a faculty member in the Physics Department at SCU. I received my Ph.D. in Astronomy from UC Los Angeles and my Bachelors in Physics from UC San Diego.

Please download my CV here.

Dr. Kristin Rose Kulas


I am currently a lecturer in the Physics Department at SCU. I have taught a wide range of classes from lower division non-science majors astronomy classes to upper division astrophysics classes. In addition I have worked to implement a hands-on interactive learning style in many of my classes.


I am currently working with Dr. B-G Andersson of the USRA at the SOFIA Science Center at NASA Ames on the physics behind how dust grains in the interstellar medium align with local magnetic fields. My past research has ranged from studying how galaxies form and evolve over cosmic time to working on instruments for astronomical observations.


I have developed and worked on many outreach programs that strive to show the general community, whether a young child or someone young at heart, the amazing universe we live in.