Whitney B. Fisher

Whitney B. Fisher

Fisher Vineyards (Winegrower)

With no formal training, it was never Whitney Fisher’s dream to become the winemaker at her family's Fisher Vineyards winery, which has been producing high quality wines from Napa and Sonoma for 30 years. Whitney graduated from Princeton University where she began by studying molecular biology and left with a degree in American History, while also involving herself in studio art.

After college, she wanted to get out and see things, so she took a job in the wine industry with a company that did joint ventures in regions such as South Africa, New Zealand, and Western Australia. Her primary responsibility was researching information for the client base. Whitney loved working with the international community but missed being at a winery that was family run, really hands on, and quality oriented rather than working for a company focused on returns on investment and cutting winemaking costs.

When Whitney returned to the U.S. in 1999, she began working in her family’s winery on the harvest of 1999. Her father assigned her to the position of cellar rat, where she worked long hours, performing such tasks as washing barrels, sanitizing equipment, and hauling around hoses and barrels, all of which she found interesting. When the winemaker's position opened up in 2002, Mia Klein, Fisher's consulting winemaker, suggested that Whitney was up to the challenge and that she should consider taking it over. After giving the matter serious thought, she did. Adam Goodrich joined Fisher as winemaker in 2010, allowing Whitney to focus on winegrowing. Fisher Vineyards produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, among other varietals.

Today, all three of the founders’ children have joined the Fisher Vineyards and are leading the way to a second generation of fine wines.