Jane Khoury

Jane Khoury

Elkfield Wine (Winemaker)

Jane Khoury is involved in a dual-career as both a winemaker and a nurse. The youngest of six siblings, she gained a love for viticulture from her father, who founded the family estate in 1990. As she says, “I’ve always had a passion for the vineyard, connecting to the land, the vines, the wines. Because I was the youngest, when I was growing up, the vineyard was already established. Dad had more time to take me under his wing.”

In 2013, Jane earned a B.S. in Viticulture and Enology from the University of California, Davis, while also completing the pre-med curriculum. Rather than go on to medical school, however, she received an MBA in Wine Business at Sonoma State University, spearheaded the family’s decision to bond their winery, and interned at Husch Vineyards in the Anderson Valley. In addition, she was assistant winemaker at her family’s Elkfield Winery.

The MBA was not her final academic degree, however, as she went on to finish the accelerated B.S. in Nursing program at Massachusetts General Hospital, despite flying back to California twice monthly to assist in the family business. This ultimately led to her present position as an intensive care nurse.

Jane was named winemaker for Elkfield in 2016 and has implemented the protocols that have resulted in its vineyard and winery receiving Demeter Biodynamic Certification in 2020. To earn this, Jane says, “It [biodynamics] made sense from a holistic approach. I went back and immersed myself completely—conferences, classes, I picked up my own cow manure, made my own compost and biodynamic preparations. I threw myself into Rudolf Steiner, and found a mentor. I really went all out.”

She finds parallels in her two professional careers in that, “With biodynamics, I treat the vineyard as a whole instead of one individual plant at a time. I rely on that with nursing too. I don’t focus on individual symptoms, but look at the patient as a whole. Just like everything in our human bodies is connected, the same is true of the vineyard. This helps me connect the two together and aid patients in their progression.”

At Elkfield, Jane is crafting Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and a Rosé.