Dianna Novy

Dianna Novy

Flaunt Wine Company (Winemaker & Proprietor)

Dianna Novy was born in 1970 in Ennis, Texas, a small town located about 45 minutes southeast of Dallas. Dianna grew up on a farm, and that background later came in handy during her career in the wine business. Her parents also own their own business, and their entrepreneurial spirit would serve Dianna well.

She graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 1992. When her degree did not lead to an immediate job opportunity, she began working in the Dallas epicurean department of Neiman Marcus, which is where she met her future husband, Adam.

After visiting the California wine country together, they moved to California to immerse themselves in the wine business, and they ended up working together at Lambert Bridge winery in the Dry Creek Valley. Dianna and Adam decided that they would like to try producing a small amount of wine, which they were allowed to make at Lambert Bridge. They had $24,000 between the two of them to invest in the project, so they decided to make one of their favorite wines, Pinot Noir. Their search for grapes led to a vineyard in Anderson Valley, where they purchased an acre’s worth of grapes in fall 1994. They chose to purchase the grapes by the acre rather than by the ton and work the vineyard themselves because they had come to the conclusion that the world’s greatest wines are produced from low-yielding vines. They dramatically reduced the crop load on their vines and made the wine as naturally as possible, using indigenous yeasts and indigenous malolactic fermentation. They purchased the finest French oak barrels and hoped for the best.

Less than a month before harvest, they became engaged, and, in early October 1994, they made their first wine – a total of 107 cases. One evening, after a few glasses of wine, they heard that famed wine writer Robert Parker was staying at a resort in the Napa Valley. They pulled a sample of their first wine and left it with the concierge for Mr. Parker. This wine ultimately received a 90-point rating in the Wine Advocate. Their winery, Siduri Wines, took off from there and is noted for its Pinot Noirs.

In 1998, Dianna and Adam became the winemakers for Novy Family Winery, which produces varietals other than Pinot Noir. They subsequently made the decision to sell both Siduri Wines and Novy Family Winery to Jackson Family Wines, a transaction that became effective in January 2015. Adam continued as the winemaker for the new owners. On her own part, Dianna moved on to a new opportunity: she had always loved champagne and as a consequence formed Flaunt Wine Company, which is dedicated to producing sparkling wines using méthode Champenoise techniques. Her first release was in September 2017.

She and Adam live in Sonoma County with their three children, the oldest of whom was born in 1999. Clearly, Dianna has been balancing the roles of winemaker and mother for a number of years.