Annette Hoff

Annette Hoff

Cima Collina (Winemaker)

The path that took Annette to Monterey, California and to Cima Collina was logical if not circuitous. She first earned a degree in ecology from the University of California, Davis, with plans to go on to veterinary school. However, she got side-tracked by the students majoring in viticulture at UC Davis and found herself intrigued by wine.

She began her winemaking career in Napa Valley under winemaker Bill Dyer at Sterling Vineyards. In 1994 Hoff was chosen to oversee the winery’s in-house, experimental winery. She moved south in 1996 to Carneros and Saintsbury Vineyards where she took the enology position and confirmed what she had always known: Pinot Noir was her first love. Her fondness for that varietal took her to New Zealand to undertake a study of that country’s approach to producing Pinot Noir, working at various wineries in a freelance fashion.

After only a few months, Estancia invited Annette to become the winery’s Pinot Noir winemaker in Monterey. She headed back to the States, where she discovered a region she became convinced could be a Pinot Noir and winemaking heaven. In 2004 Richard Lumpkin went looking for a winemaker as passionate about the Monterey wine region as he had become. He found Annette and asked her to manage Cima Collina and make the wines. It was the chance to apply her knowledge of winemaking and enthusiasm for artisan wines from the ground up. Annette released her first Cima Collina wines in 2005.

Annette lives in Monterey County, CA, with her spouse, Doug, and their son, Luke.