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"WH3R3'5 TH3 PR1V@CY?"

Spitting rhymes like no other,
DHS has got me down looking for cover -
For shelter.
Something to call my own,
When was the last time I was truly alone.
No, but really. I’m serious.
This whole thing has made me delirious.
And it has me wondering...wondering.

Isn’t there anymore privacy?
Government’s got us headed for animosity.
It’s easy to see,
This isn’t the way a city should be.
We just aren’t free.
Just give me back my damn privacy.


They’ve got me
But what did I possibly do?
No runnin’ now,
San Francisco blood pumpin’ through.
"Unlock your phone."
"No, this starting to get shady.

I know my rights severe haircut lady.
Ever heard? It’s called the Bill of Rights!"
"Don’t wanna talk. Fine, I've got all night."


Round two - fists up, I’m ready for action,
Looks like today I’m the main attraction.
Can’t hide, so it’s time to beat the system,
Soon everythin’ will fall right into rhythm.

(Speeds up, louder voice)
Try to define youth,
It ain’t that small.
We plan to use the X-net
For the long haul.
Privacy is the outcome
And not just the goal.
We each have a single and important role,
To play. It’s the only way
And it’s hard to explain.
Wow, they really do have me goin’ insane.
Am I the terrorist?
Or is someone else to blame?