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Today's Generational Conflict

Generational conflict is seen repeatedly throughout the course of history, and provides insight into the causes and so called solution to these unavoidable clashes. From the generation who believed in women’s suffrage, or to the generation who faced unbelievably harsh times of the great depression, these events that occur mold the ideals and believes of many. One of the most inspirational and yet failing generation to come about was that those during the Hippie Movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The Baby Boomer, or “Hippie” generation provoked and fused the battles between the silent generation, who saw the catastrophic effects of the second World War. Youth from all around took shape into the Hippie movement, who valued many “counter-cultural” values and often took array of drugs including cannabis, LSD, and magic mushrooms. Many youths and younger adults of the baby Boomer generation took part of this movement which deeply believed in “peace and love”. Many extremists were seen living in communes defying the so called “normal life style”. Many moved to San Francisco, the origins of the movement. The Silent Generation matured during the time of the Great Depression, therefore nothing was taken for granted and work was a blessing. For the youth of this younger generation to partake in spiritual activities and express mutualistic love for all was something that was not taken light heartedly by the Silent Generation. These two generations are prime examples of extreme differentiation in ideals and believes due to the events of that time period. Ultimately, a constant tug-of-war and cycle is seen. The Hippie movement eventually came to an end, while the Silent Generation dominated in political scenes, actively securing the nations well-being. As the Baby Boomer Generation matured they came to power through age, and instilled their beliefs of world peace and freedom through many acts. For instance, the civil rights movement, gay rights, handicapped rights and the feminist movement of the 1970’s.

As seen with the clashes of the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomer Generation, it is only a matter of time until these generational disputes are settled; one comes into power, while the other eventually dies out. It is merely a cycle that cannot be avoided.


The Hippie Movement
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