Roadwork refers to the large amounts of running that boxers do in the early AM. My schedule during the season would normally have myself waking up between 5:30AM and 6:00AM and I would be on the road or in the gym by 6:30AM. It has been found that the best conditioning regimes do not consist solely of one type exercise. Therefore, my “roadwork” consisted of not only sprints and running but of other types of interval training as well as strength training.

The goal of conditioning is to physically prepare your body for the stresses of combat. There is a tremendous gap between the commercial idea of being fit and the reality of being in shape for fighting. Personally, I have used Ross Enamait's website,, and his products to help ready myself. He introduces a style of training which incorporates a wide variety of activities in order to produce a well rounded finished product with a focus on conditioning. Being a professional boxing trainer, he knows the in and outs and the game, and what is most important come fight time. He also understands that there is no single formula for success and he provides sample programs, but ultimate directs you in creating your own program. Proper nutrition is also addressed as it is a key factor in making weight and being able to perform at an optimal level.

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