The SCU Boxing Club provides an opportunity for students interested in combat sports to learn the skills of boxing and to compete at the collegiate level at multiple venues if they wish to do so. The club team is open to anyone who is interested, no matter their skill level or athletic ability. The only requirement is an interest in boxing. Is college boxing for everyone? Definitely not. A typically year will see somewhere around 50 students come out for pre-season activity and by the time we reach competition, there are normally only between 7-10 students left. Of these remaining, normally only 4-5 compete. Because the team is very small, this allows for the opportunity to be coached on a very personal level and as well learning boxing skills, competitors also learn the importance of hard work, leadership and team building. Competitions are provided by the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA)and are held at various locations provided by a number of participating schools.
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