Amateur boxing is found at the collegiate level, at the Olympics, and Commonwealth Games, among many venues. The sport uses a point scoring system which measures the number of clean blows landed rather than the scorecard system that professional boxing uses. Collegiate boxing bouts consist of three round which are two minutes each. A rest period of one minute is provided between each round.

Fighters wear protective headgear and what is a called a “no-foul protector”, which protects against low blows. Female fighters are allowed a chest protector as well. The gloves used at the collegiate level are 10-12 ounces in weight depending on weight class. Three judges sit ringside and the bout is monitored by a referee to ensure the safety of participants. Amateur gloves have a white portion surrounding the knuckles. Points are scored when this white portion connects with the opposing boxers face or body (above the foul protector) and the majority of the referees determine it to be a scoring blow through the use of clickers. Penalties are given for repeated low blows and excessive holding. In the case of a knockdown, competitors are given a standing eight count. If during or after this count, the fighter is deemed unfit to continue, the bout will be stopped. Standing eight counts can also be given after a competitor has received a significant blow or multiple unanswered punches.

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