Video games have started a revolution. These days, it’s almost impossible to find someone in the United States that hasn’t heard of video games. And thousands upon thousands of people play them, or at least have tried them. They’re extremely fun, entertaining, and relaxing…maybe even addicting. There are some extreme cases of video game addiction and this causes much negativity towards the industry. Ideas that video games have negative effects on people make parents go crazy and try to stop their children from playing video games, saying things like “stop wasting your time on that game and do something productive!”. Not only do adults seem to look down upon video games, but even peers can tease one about the video games they play. You wouldn’t think it, but many teens or young adults make fun of their peers who play different games than the norm. There is a lot of negativity, but should there be? Gamers should be able to live and play in peace, doing what they love. People, who love video games, enjoy playing video games, and no one should have the right to say otherwise.

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