Minimum/Livable Wages

Unfair Treatment

Young Workers

Why I Care

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McDonald’s is a place that everyone knows of. Thousands of people every day choose to eat there, and yet almost no one would want to be a full time worker there. Many young students choose to work part time at McDonald’s just to get a job to earn some spending money, and that’s perfectly fine. However, the other workers there, the older adults who work full time, those are the people to worry about. A husband and a father of two, “John”, has been working full time at McDonald’s for about 8 years. He’s 31 years old. Why would someone of that age and situation want to work at McDonald’s, earning minimum wages and having to face unfair treatment almost daily? John says that he is often treated very rudely by his boss and on some occasions had to work longer than what he was paid for. These were John’s exact words: working at McDonald’s full time for a living is like living in hell.” Why wouldn’t John and these other adult employees just change jobs?

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