This story is about a boy who loses his girlfriend to unknown agents and goes on a journey to stop them, only to find out that the leader of the agents is someone very close and important to him. The story's true conflict will be an emotional one that the main character, Crow, will have to decide.

The first scene in some detail will be something like this:
Crow and his girlfriend, Robin, sit peacefully under a big tree on a sunny day. Birds chirping. They are sitting close to one another, cuddling under the warmth. They’re at a park in San Francisco, surrounded by tall buildings and such. The two talk and you can sense a deep connection. They talk about one topic in particular. Apparently there’s been a group of people committing random murders throughout the city. The only trace of evidence is a piece of paper with the words “Life=no more”, which is always found at the residence of the person who was kidnapped and assumed dead.

Soon however, Robin walks off to drink water from a nearby water fountain, when two shady men in dark suits, quietly and quickly grab her and throw her into a van. No one sees this but Crow, who yells and runs after them. He loses them and worries about his girlfriend for the rest of the day, calling the local police. He finds a piece of paper slipped under he and his girlfriend’s house door the next morning with the words “Life=no more” on it. He pursues the secret agency the only way he knows how: Hacker style.

What happens after in summary, is that you realize Crow is quite a selfish person and throws his family's concerns out the door. Crow then uses the city's security cameras to track the whereabouts of the secret agency that took his girlfriend. He finds out that the agency used the cameras as well, to track and kidnap their victims. The agents try to track and find Crow, but he uses stealth and trickery (hacking the system) to lose the agents. After the stealth battle of technology is over, Crow is able to find and infiltrate the enemy's headquarters. At the same time, the public is going paranoid and crazy over fear from being the next victim to be abducted. Can Crow stop the evil organization before it's too late?

Crow finds out that Robin, his girlfriend is actually the leader of the agency. He is shocked. Robin explains that the organizations true goal is to pretend to kidnap and kill people who want to start a new life under a new name. This way their old identity is dead, and they can start anew, elsewhere. She explains she loves him but had to fake her death to stop the police’s investigation on her. Crow knows that if he turns her and her organization in, they will be arrested for kidnapping and hacking into government security cameras, even if it was for a good cause. But he can’t just bat an eye away from this situation; hundreds of families are in deep pain because they think a loved one was kidnapped and murdered. Plus, he knows if this charade goes on, the fear of all the random kidnapping and assumed murders will truly negatively affect the public. Crow, sad yet determined of his choice, decides to turn in his girlfriend and her agency, for the greater good of the people. Crow is saddened that Robin is in jail, but he continues his life. He isn’t as selfish and quiet as he once was. He now has a legal business that’s sole purpose is to help people who are in debt or in trouble with their lives in anyway. He shows his compassion and helps others, rather than himself.


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