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Protesting is an uprising movement. It allows people to stand up for what they believe in. To protest is to fight for justice, freedom, equality, etc. Many experts agree that protesting against authority will lead to a plethora of risks, but the real question is, do younger people today risk more for standing up in what they believe in, than the younger people of older generations? Cory Doctorow seems to believe that the newer generation does indeed have much more at stake than generations of the past. He believes though, that the risks are due more to the law changing, becoming more strict and abusive to people who stand up before authority. I believe that the new generation does indeed risk more than the old generation, but in a different sense. I disagree with Doctorow that the risks are due to the law enforcement being stricter. I say that the risks have increased due to society’s standards of what young adults should/must do in today’s generation. The values that society sees as respectable have been altered and changed since the times of, as an example, the 1960s; the decade where young adults first began showing their power to stand up against authorities for what they believed in. Though Doctorow’s and my opinions are completely different, many experts have their own opinions on the matter, which range from agreeing with either Doctorow or me, or arguing a completely different view point.

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