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Cory Doctorow, author of “Little Brother”, seems to have made his own assumptions based off his analysis. He seems to think that the newer generation’s young people have much more at risk than the previous generations. This is because in his novel, he shows examples of old social movements, such as the Freedom of Speech Movement, and gives examples of consequences the young students had. Their protests were more or less put to an end by police trying to mob and arrest them all. Doctorow seems to say that now the government police forces will do that and more to those who try to stand against them. When Marcus, the main character of “Little Brother”, stands against the Department of Homeland Security, they abduct him, imprison and interrogate him, as well as torture him. These punishments and consequences that Doctorow says could happen today are far more dangerous than the punishments of generations past. Thus, Doctorow’s original contribution is his analysis that young people in today’s generation risk more than the people of the older generations because the risks of receiving punishment from the government has increased greatly over time. However, while there are a select few who might agree with Doctorow, many experts seem like they would disagree with his analysis, in different ways.


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