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Experts King, Bentele, and Soule, all seem to disagree with Doctorow’s analysis. According to those experts, the laws of old and their punishments haven’t been changed in many, many decades. Congress didn’t legitimately include rights policies in their jurisdiction of government influences until the 1960s. During the 60s was when the young students, for the first true time in history, protested against a myriad of things, including the famous movement of the Free Speech Movement. Many of these social movements were successful, and thus changed the government to add rights policies to their jurisdiction. Since the 1960s was the decade where students protested and stood up against the government for the beliefs for the first time, many of the protesters had no idea what would happen to them. However, the consequences they had risked were more or less what they expected. The law arrested many or broke up the protesters who were disturbing the peace. This was expected from any illegal act. And the thing about laws is that for the most part, they go unchanged for decades. Thus even now, the laws are more or less the same. Rebellious students, who stand up for what they believe in today, may be arrested depending on what they’re doing, if it’s violent or peaceful, or how much they are disturbing others. They may even be physically hurt if they refuse to cooperate. And according to these experts, these laws haven’t changed from the 60s, thus the students risk the same things even today, regarding consequences from the law.


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