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Because of the law’s age, people have had much time to grow their own ideas on the matter. Thus, there are many split opinions from experts on the topic of: “Do young people risk more from breaking the law, going against authorities, in the past or now, in the present?”.  Experts McCammon, Campbell, Granberg and Mowrey all say and agree upon nearly the same ideals. Protesting, standing up for what one believes in, or going against authority, if it breaks the law, then you will be punished. Those experts agree that the laws and its punishments for breaking said laws haven’t changed since the relatively close past. Thus, the risks in terms of consequences of breaking the law to stand up for what one believes in, is the same for both new and old generations. To add to this, expert Giugni believes that the degree of punishment and thus risk for anyone in any generation all depends on the actions committed. More violent and disturbing protests will lead to greater risk and consequences than protests that are peaceful.




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