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There are the experts Andrews, Ganz, Baggetta, Hans, and Lim who say that the risks of standing up for something one believes in depends on what social class that person belongs to.  A person who has great wealth or more connections to powerful people won’t have much risk in creating protests. A person that high up in the social class can easily escape the justice system by paying bail or hiring very powerful lawyers. Most of the population in the middle class has fair risks in protesting. They may be arrested for a couple of days or have to pay the price in some other form, but they will be given more of an equal trial compared to those in the low social classes. According to these experts, those people in the low social classes have the greatest risk when standing up for their beliefs. Their socioeconomic class makes them, especially if they are non-white, more susceptible to judges being biased and unequal during trial if they are arrested. They also have little money and probably no powerful connections to help them if they are kept captive by the government.




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