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Through my own analysis and personal opinion, I will disagree with Doctorow in one aspect. He is true to think that the newer generation of younger people risk more to protest their beliefs than the younger people of older generations. However, Doctorow believes the increase in risk is due to the government and its laws. To me, he has missed the whole point. The real question isn’t how the government has changed, but it’s how we, the people, have changed. I believe that the risks have increased due to society and its change in values, expectations, and standards. I know that I personally would never risk much for my beliefs. I would rather go through some forms of unfairness in life, yet achieve the end goal of having a good job/house/family, than risk it all just to stand up for something. My opinion seems to heavily agree upon and borrow ideas from many experts, such as: Andrews, Ganz, Baggetta, Hans, Lim, Piven, Bhavani, and Ross. From all of their analyses, I have come to my own conclusion that social factors such as a much more career and educational oriented state of mind found in nearly all younger people of today, is the cause of increase risk. There seems to be an expectation of young students to be able to get a grand education and have a rewarding job. And this all leads to a lifestyle that all us young students aspire to. The lifestyle we see in countless media today. A big house, with many luxuries and variety of food is something many take for granted.

This wasn’t so much the case in the 1960s. The goal was smaller back then; younger students then usually focused more on the present than their future. Students of today are much more worried about how their life will end up. And the risk of losing this all, everything they’ve worked for and dreamed off, just to stand up for themselves against authority? That risk is much too great. I hypothesis that the majority of young people today would rather push through life in today’s standards and expectations, even if the road is difficult, than risk everything to try to make their beliefs realized. The risk of expulsion or being fired, or having being arrested on a permanent record, they are all too great for most young students today. Perhaps only a select few would stand up amidst the crowd, and they will be the ones to shape the future.



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