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Doctorow’s original main contribution is that the government plays the crucial role in risk changes for young people of different generations. However, Doctorow does seem to have another smaller explanation for why the risks for young people have increased with every new generation. And that explanation is the different social classes in society. Scholars Andrews, Ganz, Baggetta, Hans, and Lim would agree with Doctorow on this point. Evidence of this analysis can be seen in Doctorow’s novel, “Little Brother”. One of the characters, Jolu, a Mexican boy, is scared to help the main character Marcus stand up for the freedom of the people. Jolu even explains to Marcus that his reasoning for leaving the protest is because the risks of a non-white minority citizen, like himself, being caught by the police for treason against the state would be far too great. Jolu tells Marcus that the government in America, though supposedly equal, gives unfair trials to those who are not white citizens. And, since older generations had less young people from minority races living in America than the generation of today has, the topic of, “do young people risk more to stand up for their beliefs in today’s generation or the generations of the past?”, is still relevant. Thus another side of the topic is that Doctorow tries to say that perhaps the risks of standing up for what one believes in is more positively correlated with the social class of a person.





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