What I Learned
Relating to the Real World
Final Remix Idea
Critical Thinking Ideas
The Stages of my Work

My very first webpage was about my brother and how he is handicapped. My second one was about my own interests, video games. Both these webpages helped me to start and develop the skills necessary to write the analytical hypertexts. In the beginning I had no idea how to even create a webpage. The first two projects made me comfortable in that aspect, as well as with writing for an online audience. Writing a linear version and a hypertext version are very different; perhaps even complete opposites. A normal linear essay can be used to explain many important details in great length. The amount of text per paragraph can be enormous. However, hypertext writing is nothing like that. To write in hypertext format, you have to be very concise; getting to your point quickly yet effectively. I have learned that this is because the online audience will usually skim the article, reading only the very beginning. People who use the internet want information fast; they don’t want to bother reading whole paragraphs. All these skills helped me create my excellent analytical hypertexts. One about low wages, and the other about Doctorow’s personal contribution to the topic of protesting in the past compared to now. I was able to write these analytical hypertexts using techniques meant for an online audience. I tried to make my writing as concise as possible, yet making sure I wrote and explained the key topics as best as I could.

I’ve realized that the major difference between this term and last term is the amount of writing. Last term definitely focused more on the writing aspect, on how to write a good review of the literature or annotated bibliography. This term focused more on using technology; making movies or comic strips. Honestly, I thought that last term was harder because writing reviews of the literature or annotated bibliographies were hard work and quite boring. Writing them seemed tedious and pointless since we can gain all this information from the web anyway. However, making the movie was extremely fun in my opinion. I had a great time trying to film and edit the movie into something I could be proud of. I think that the newer generations will find that assignments involving newer technology will be more fulfilling than writing just plain old fashion essays.