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Critical Thinking Ideas
The Stages of my Work

In terms of critical thinking, there’s still one quote from the first term that I believe defines critical thinking, and this class in general. That quote being:

"Thus, critical thinking involves: following evidence where it leads; considering all possibilities; relying on reason rather than emotion; being precise; considering a variety of possible viewpoints and explanations; weighing the effects of motives and biases; being concerned more with finding the truth than with being right; not rejecting unpopular views out of hand; being aware of one's own prejudices and biases, and not allowing them to sway one's judgment."

This quote truly represents what I think about when creating analytical hypertexts. For all my analytical research projects, I had to represent people other than myself, tell their story, without being biased from what I already had known. I had to take a variety of viewpoints to make the hypertext successful. Rather than trying to be "correct" I had to find the truth. For the research hypertext, I'm trying to convey the truth of the matter, whether or not the truth is what I believe in doesn't matter. I can't let myself sway my judgment, I must just write what is true and that is all. And this critical thinking quote sums that up perfectly.