What I Learned
Relating to the Real World
Final Remix Idea
Critical Thinking Ideas
The Stages of my Work

The one thing that I’ve learned from this class that goes beyond an education or a career is knowledge. The knowledge about how text has changed throughout the years. Text and the way people read and look at text has changed due to technology. With technology, we can access a greater variety of information faster than we could’ve ever imagined a hundred years ago. However, that’s not even the biggest of changes. What’s occurring now and is shaping the way education may be perceived in the future are the increase of audience and the realm of participation. What this means is that education is no longer JUST the teachers teaching. Education and learning are becoming something that involves everyone. Anyone can now comment on articles, continuing the discussion and making it live. The information doesn’t stop with the article; all the opinions given by people’s comments are more information, more things to learn from. In fact, the comments may become another article in itself. Thus the way of education is changing. Professors are no longer the only teachers; we are becoming the teachers. Normal everyday people can now add to the scholarly discussion by way of commenting. Anyone can participate and add their own twist to the subject.

Another big topic we covered in class was whether we are really learning in school, or if we’re just being warehoused until we learn to do a true profession. This actually made me think about whether school is useful or not. I mean, it seems as if everyone in school would say that school seems pointless, but I do know a lot of adults who now say school was helpful to them. It’s hard to say if school really is teaching us anything at all. Life is mostly just doing a job, and only having to now the skills needed for that particular profession. In my opinion, it seems like school can only be truly useful to the people who actually have the desire to learn. People who just want to know things, and perhaps have a passion to apply this knowledge to the real world. Other than that, the majority of students will probably just learn the basics from school and never look back.