What I Learned
Relating to the Real World
Final Remix Idea
Critical Thinking Ideas
The Stages of my Work

The actual text in a website matters a great deal. This class taught me that revising is necessary. Not only did I have to revise my webpage writing, but I had to create a linear version from it. This took time and dedication, yet in the end helped the writing as a whole a lot in my opinion. By writing a linear version from a hypertext version, I had to think about what information was unnecessary and what I might need to add to keep the linear version’s writing smooth and connected. By doing this, I could go back to the hypertext writing and maybe add something important that I overlooked, or delete parts that were totally just unrelated.
The hypertexts definitely taught me how to think and write about a subject critically. Learning a skill like that is useful for many other purposes. It can be used for other school purposes, such as writing a paper for another class. But the ability to think and write critically can be used for much more important real world purposes, such as solving a worldwide problem. Not only that, but learning how to design and create the websites can definitely help me in a career in web design, or any design in general; if I ever decided to go down that path. And of course, learning how to successfully write a screenplay/script and create comics/short films can also prove useful; and not only in the sense of following a career in Hollywood. By creating remixes to show what we’ve learned in this class, I’ve realized that you can gain a lot more from being creative.

Creating movies or comics to present material can be used to gain new perspective on things. Learning how to put together an iMovie project can be used in so many other different classes and even future jobs. As an example, for my psychology class, we had to write a paper describing a test we did on a few people. If however, we had gotten to make a movie about the same topic, then we could’ve shown so much more detail by visuals. There’s only so much one can get out of a written explanation. However, if you visually see something, then it’s much easier to understand. Thus the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. And of course, making excellent presentations using an iMovie format can definitely be useful in many job opportunities.

I’ve also learned how to create and design a webpage. I feel as if it’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned because it was the most interesting part of this class for me. I had already created movies using iMovie in high school, so doing it in this class wasn’t all that new. However, this class is the first time I was able to create my very own webpages. I feel like I could create more webpages in my spare time just because I’ve found that I enjoy creating and designing. However, the greatest thing I’ve learned that is useful towards school and work is how to successfully write a review of the literature. This class was the first time I ever had to write a review of the literature, and it was extremely time consuming, not to mention difficult. However, the skills I’ve learned from doing it will definitely be able to help me in future English classes or perhaps even in potential jobs.