What I Learned
Relating to the Real World
Final Remix Idea
Critical Thinking Ideas
The Stages of my Work

Taking this CTW English class has given me many useful skills that I never thought I could achieve. Throughout the year I’ve created about 4 hypertext webpages, a comic strip remixing the novel “Little Brother”, a well detailed script, and even a six minute machinima YouTube video. And I’m proud of every single one of my works. From this class I’ve learned to analytically research topics and think about problems in the world critically. I’ve also had to be creative when designing my websites and making the video/comic. Not to mention of course, gaining the ability to create webpages, comics, and animated shorts! The skills I’ve learned from this class will prove to be useful for the rest of my life. Although this class definitely took up a lot of my time and was hard work, I am very glad that I took it.