To teach Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence.




Master of Business Administration (MBA), California State, USA

Master of Mathematics (M.Sc.), Delhi University, India

Bachelor of Mathematics (B.Sc. (Hons.)), Delhi University, India


Deep Passion

·       Teaching – Technology, how to build a startup, Building a new Product and SaaS platforms

·       Learning new language (e.g. German)

·       Delivering Platform (from paper napkin to production) customers love

·       Machine Learning, DEEP Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing

·       Working with Sales, Marketing, and Engineering to deliver awesome user experience

·       Building quick prototype and raising Investment for new Product / Platform

·       Playing with Python, Node JS, Numpy, Scipy, R, Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Origami Studio, SketchApp, CNN, OpenCV, Flask, Tableau, and Jupyter notebooks


Higher Education & Teaching Experience

o   2802: Data Science Analysis with Python

o   2602: Dashboards, Scorecards and Visualization



Professional Experience


Viridis, Palo Alto, CA, 2016 — Current

Backed by Salesforce Ventures, Viridis is a SaaS platform that integrates with existing student information systems, government databases and labor market information to connect students to employers. 


Chief Technology Officer (Head of Product & Engineering)


Managing end to end HigherEd Viridis SaaS platform,


·       Developed and maintained statement of direction, product strategy and product roadmap for Viridis platforms (Viridis Cloud Platform, Viridis Internal Org Platform and Viridis Skill Token Blockchain Platform.)

·       Leading team of 13 engineers, in India, US & Argentina, and revamped engineering processes, daily SCRUM, implementing bi-weekly sprints, agile methodologies, code review and formal code acceptance.

·       Responsible for Product Management, ML Algorithm, Data Analytics & Engineering – with a team of Platform Developers, Data Scientists, Product Manager, Mobile Developers, QA, UI/UX and Integrations Engineers.

·       Created Pivot and delivered Viridis Cloud Platform (VCP) currently in production used by 23+ community colleges, 100+ employers, 1000+ students and 12+ Government agencies.

·       Creating Viridis Internal Org (VIP), and Viridis Skill Token Blockchain Platform.

·       Filed Patent - Skills Passport Blockchain Platform (US 62/640,980)

·       Worked with Data Science team to create Machine Learning Algorithm for matching students to potential jobs (moved from “keywords -matched” concept to Machine Learning Algorithm based matching)

·       Worked with architecture team to create & deliver scalable architecture using MongoDB, ELK Cluster, for Viridis Cloud Platform.

·       Along with CEO and CFO, raised / raising fund – Product pitch / Technology pitch to Salesforce Ventures, Adecco Ventures, New Market ventures, Impact Engine, Gates Foundation (Bill Gates and Melinda Gates), Omidyar Technology Ventures, Acumen Ventures, Randstad Ventures, August Capital, Accenture Ventures, Workday Ventures, Lumina Foundation and many more. We successfully raised nearly $7.5m USD in funding.


DataTiles, Palo Alto, CA, 2016 — 2018

DataTiles is a Silicon Valley Startup expert in Image Detection using DEEP learning technologies such as TensorFlow and Keras. DataTiles works with Fortune 100 companies on Image detection.


Chief Technology Officer (Head of Product & Engineering)


Managing DataTiles images detection platform,


·       Led team of 4 engineers, in India & Poland to create Image detection platform.

·       Raised $300,000 USD as a founding CTO along with CEO.

·       Created the product from paper-napkin to deployment in AMZN cloud.


FixStream Networks, San Jose, CA, 2016 — 2018

FixStream Networks, Venture backed start-up, is building a Big Data analytics and Correlation platform to visualize end-to-end datacenter and Cloud environment thru "Single Pane of Glass" along with near real-time assurance capabilities.


Vice President (Head of Product & Alliances)

Responsible for Product Strategy & Execution for FixStream Big Data analytics and Correlation platform. 



Professional Experience previous companies


Pluribus Networks, Palo Alto, CA

Director (Head of Pluribus Networks’ cloud & Information technology)


Leap Motion, San Francisco, CA

Director (Head of LM Apps cloud & Information technology)


Allied Telesis, San Francisco / Tokyo Japan

CO-CIO (Head of Technology)


Canesta (Acquired by Microsoft) , Sunnyvale, CA

Director (Release Engineering & Information technology)


StarCite (Acquired by Active Network), San Jose, CA

Director (Release Engineering & Information technology)


Altera (Acquired by Intel), San Jose, CA

Manager (Applications Engineering)