Darryl’s Story:

I still feel ashamed of what has happened. I took of all my clothes and still I can’t take away the shame. The indignity. The pain. That feeling of being stabbed still looms. I can’t remember though how it happened. It was all too fast. Next thing I remember were murmurs. Then my chest pulsed forward; as if someone was grabbing it. This happened again and again until I heard something. It was an irritable sound- like a buzz and then it became beeps that would sound in a pulsating manner. Then I realized I was in a form of hospital. Although I don’t why there are men in uniform and the doctors all seem like military personnel.

I started to hear a voice, saying that they need to extract important information. They were arguing about a catalyst and how time is of the essence. I really didn’t care what has happening. All I noticed is that a woman stood beside. She too my catheter and injected something. At first it seemed like nothing. Then my arms started to lock in pain then my chest, my stomach, and then my entire body. It was as if stones had replaced my body and were now circulating in my system. Then It all happened again.

I was with Marcus, Jolu, and Van. We were ARGing and then there were some other people there - This girl with the blue hair that was talking to Marcus. I overheard their conversation and I wanted to interrupt it. I wanted to snatch the phone from that girl. She wanted to black mail Marcus. I was big enough to crush her and I would have. Then suddenly the bomb blew and we checked it. Out of the fog and haze, we tried to escape but we got separated from Van. I just followed Marcus. Once we caught up with each other, we still had trouble getting out. So Marcus had an idea of going against the crowd to reach a higher altitude. Then as soon as we got out a striking pain.

As I started to wake up from the pain of the medicine, I was dragged out of the room and into a separate room. It was a dark and dank room. Almost unsanitary yet they left me there. The pain of the injected medicine is still strong. The uncomfortable feeling reminded me of more of the events that day. We were pushing against the crowd. Everyone was looking pissed and told to get the hell out of the way. We pushed through and I crushed them with my stature. We were near the exit and I felt a sharp pain enter my chest. I fell down, losing my grip from Marcus’ hand.

Then the pain intensified as my face slammed against the ground. I know people would say that their life flashes before they eyes and all that experiences. Don’t buy that bullshit. Nothing was flashing before my eyes except death. No pleasant memories, just a painful embrace as I am dragged from this existence. Then I heard my friends but faintly. I honestly can’t remember anything else at that point except I am here – being medicated.

The next few days went by fast. I was still in the grey room. I was strong enough to look around and the first thing that caught the side of my eye was a red dot.  It was a camera after looking at it some more. I was being recorded, makes me feel unwelcomed. Few days more I stayed in that room. It wasn’t bad since I was in my stretcher and it grew on me. Then two military guys entered. They asked me to stand and assisted me to a room labeled “SHOWERS.” I was stripped and welcomed with the cold surge of water. That woke me up. Then I was dressed in prison clothes. Only then did it become clear where I was. In some prison but I do not understand why. I was put into a new room and I was left there for a while. Then I heard footsteps. Then my cell opened and here came this woman.

She was blunt and did not pussyfoot. She said, “My name is not important. What is important is why you are here.” I looked in confused. She elaborated, “I am from the DHS and we wanted to ask you some questions. Make it easy for yourself and just tell us.” I still had no idea what she was ranting on about but I was scared. I did not know how to react to such hostility. I do not know whether I should be compliant or not but I did not want trouble.

There was a long pause and she looked at me. She gestured at her guards and I was brought into her room. Again she stared and this made me uncomfortable to no extent. She started by asking, “What were you doing wen the bridge exploded?” I promptly replied, “We were ARGing,” and I explained what that mean and what we did. She didn’t buy. She started asking about my gear and asked me for passwords and other stuff. After a long list of question, she asked me about my “team leader.” What the hell did she mean by that. I gave her the look of puzzlement and she said, “Stop playing with me. I know you know what I mean. Make this easy for yourself.” We continued to argue as I pressed the fact that I did not know who he was. During the whole conversation she never made clear who this person was. All I know was that she believes I was the terrorist that performed the bombing. I did not fight and I did not argue further because that may seem incriminating.

They left me for days in my cell and then one day the same two guards as before dragged me out of it. I did not know what was happening. I was brought into a room. My eyes were covered and I was strapped to a device unknown to me. Then I suddenly felt being inverted with top of my head facing the floor. Then water suddenly dropped on my face and I felt as if I was drowning. Then that voice, “Do you know what this is. Of course you do, you are a smart kid. The President has given us the authority to use whatever means necessary to extract information.” I caught my breath but was still struggling to understand. “You know why I am here so again, make it easy for yourself. To clarify it is your friend Marcus.”

I caught my breath again. I can’t she believe that Marcus is involved in this mess. What a bloody mess.  How the hell am I suppose to respond to a question like that? Then I shouted will the air in my lungs, “WE ARE NOT TERRORSITS. We were playing a game.” She then replied, “Thousands dead and you expect me to believe that.” You have the gear and you know how to do this stuff. Tell me and I will reward you.” How the hell could I comply to this crazy bitch when her accusations are wrong. They continued to torture me and eventually stopped.
For days, I was treated in the same manner. They rarely give me food and if they do, a small amount. I never knew the feeling of the word indignity nor had I given much thought to the word. Now I comprehend it. To be treated with such disdain. I don’t know how long this will continue but I don’t want to go anymore. This is painful and I can’t see the future.