I have always wondered when the means justify the end. I find this to be at times a slippery slope argument and one that never actually solved anything. In Little Brother, Marcus Yallow takes extreme measurements to show the abusive steps of the government. He switches the identity of people and initiates his mission called False-Positive to trick the government into thinking of that there are more citizens. At first, I thought this mission was an interesting idea but I started to question its effectiveness.
This idea started to toy in my head and wondered whether he was right to use such method on a massive scale. On the whole it has worked perfectly but I realized what happened to individuals that were mistaken as terrorists. The idea came from the fact that his father was interrogated multiple times because of Marcus’ plan. Therefore, I wanted to explore the events of operation False Positive but to a specific individual. This is mainly to refute the idea that the means does not often justify the end.
I want to explore a character, which shall be now named John. A character that is entirely new. His story will take place during the aforementioned event. His role is to show the ramifications of Marcus’ operation and how it could destroy someone’s life. His story will start on the fact that he was pulled over and his identity card did not match up. He is then under suspicion of being a terrorist. More than that he missed the last moments of his ailing father. Afterwards, the government surveys him. Another incident occurs where his identity does not match. This causes the government to take notice and brings him in for interrogation. So to speak, he is brought to Guantanamo Bay.
There he was tortured and questioned much like the others who came before him. Upon his release, he returns to his job where his boss notices that he has no submitted the crucial reports for a merger. This then costs him his job. To add to his problems, his account was then frozen after a third False-Positive operation occurred. That government, being overly cautious detains him again. After a few weeks, he is sent to an undisclosed location.