Fade In:
The kids are outside waiting for the teacher to arrive talking amongst themselves.
Dissolve to:
The kids take their seat and the room quiets down as the teacher goes in the front and introduces himself.

Mr. Bush
Good morning class. My name is Mr. Bush and welcome to Origins of Terrorism

Good morning Mr. Bush

Mr. Bush
In this class, we will discover the origins and the political motives of terrorists. We will see their perspectives in accordance to ours.

Pan to:

Student #1
What do you mean by perspective professor?

Mr. Bush
Terrorism has rather narrow definition for us. It has a strong connotation than that. One must remember that terrorism is about perspective. You don’t know it yet but you will.

Student #1

The other students look perplexed. The mumble and talk amongst themselves in

Dissolve to:
Some weeks later in the class

(Internal Monologue)
I wonder what will be discussing. I really hope that they do not concentrate on Islamic Radicalisms.
Int. The classroom scene:
Mr. Bush
Today, we will be discussing Islamic radicalism. We shall watch this video about Islamic terrorism around the world and 9/11.

Cut to:
Show the clip of the 9/11 attacks and around the world.
    Snap Zoom:
Mr. Bush
Islam is said to be a religion of peace. What do you think perpetuates such behavior?

Student #2:
No offense to the Muslims but Islam is like the kid in the corner of the room. If you leave it alone, it won’t bother you. If you mess with it, it will overreact and cause a lot of trouble.

Student #1:
I never understood why they are committing Jihad. I don’t anything from the Qur’an yet I don’t know the purpose of this.

Mr. Bush:
What about the other terrorist groups? What about the Christian groups that we have discussed?

Student #5:
Yes, there are some extremists in some religion yet it seems that the Islamic fundamentalist does the most?

Student #4:
I beg to differ. Some does just as much. Remember the incident in Israel where this one guy took an AK during a Muslim gathering and killed dozens and injured hundreds more?

Internal Monologue
I wonder why the central discussion of this class has been my religion. I realize that there has been a lot of events revolving around my faith yet it seems that they never discussed the other ones. Our book discusses some yet concentrates more on my religion.

This goes back to the idea of perspective doesn’t it?

Raises his hand
In actuality, there is much more to that. Everyone commits terrorism. America is also susceptible such behavior.

Student #3
Some say that but we merely tried to help the situation. We do not mean to be a burden. In fact we should be the one that feels that way since we are taking it upon ourselves to help.

You may feel that way but the fact is that more civilians have died in the bombings of the US that terrorist killed.

Murmuring in the background.

[end scene]
Act II

Dissolve to:
Ext. in the square

Hakim is walking from another class. One of the students from the previous class sees him.

Snap to:

Student #2 is walking with another one classmate of Hakim. They want to confront him from the previous class.

Student #2:
Hey Hakim, could you come here for a second

Hey guys, Can I help you with something?

Student #2:
What was that you said during class today?

I merely said what the people already knew.

Student #2:
I beg to differ. How does America not help the other countries in the Middle East? Our People are dying and that is what you say?

You misunderstood me. I mean no offense. What I am merely trying say was that terrorism cuts both ways? It is not only one side. Do you finally understand what Mr. Bush was saying about perspectives?

Student #2:
Understand? All that I need to understand is the fact that we never started this.

If it were only that simple, then I would yield.

Zooms to the face of Student #2

Looks livid. Clenches his fist and knocks Hakim. He falls to the ground and looks at the Student #2 and #3. Panting heavily. Little blood on the side of his mouth

Switch zooms between the face of Student #2 and Hakim

Student #3
Whispers to himself
Life would me much easier without religion.

[end scene]