The infancy of a newly formed democratic countries are perilous. The government, although structured to be balanced, often shows the vestige of a feudal society.  Such are the cases of countries that have been declared as independent. In these countries, political violence runs amok the political families that desire power. One such country is the Philippines.

The families commit endless waves of violence in order to preserve their status. Perhaps one of the more damning effects of such actions is the effect seen in the children of the families. These children, who see the actions of their parents, often continue the tradition of violence to preserve their power. The effects of these are seen throughout the country but the worst is in Mindanao.

My family, being one of the more influential families in the political arena, has been targeted multiple times. I have seen the often-overlooked side of the Philippine political arena. Often times, it never ends, which spans a legacy of enmity in the land.