Who We Are - A History

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Children working in the child labor industry are forced to work at very young ages due to circumstances such as poverty, sometimes at places where their lives are threatened each day. According to the Human Rights Watch**, their work ranges from agriculture, domestics, trade and services, and a few in manufacturing and construction. Some of these children work long hours, and often in dangerous and unhealthy conditions. They would even be denied to go home to their families, while others are abducted and forced into labor. Some are even confined, beaten, and forced into slavery. In some cases like those of bonded child labor, they are forced to work towards a freedom they'll never receive. Children caught in the web of child labor are unable to get an education, and are made to work long hours, while getting little to no pay at all. They're often subject to abuse from their employer, as well as dangerous chemicals and work tools. Every day of their life as a child laborer could be their last, and they're forced to fight to stay alive.

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