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Who Wants America's Youth to Be Exposed to Alcohol

The Importance of an Influence

How We Expose Our Youth to Alcohol

Throughout the history of mankind, drinking has had a monumental piece of every culture around the globe. While it has always been a way to socialize and relax, our American culture has a long history of abusing alcohol. Much of this abusive culture of drinking is due to laws that have made it impossible to experience drinking in a healthy way. Laws such as being legally able to drink at 21, and not allowing any kind of adolescent drinking, have led to America’s drinking epidemic. We currently lead the world in drinking issues, as they pertain to death, drunk driving, alcoholism, etc. America is in need of a revolution, a reshaping of our drinking culture. I believe the key to this change can be found in promoting underage drinking and becoming more adaptive to raising up children in households where mature drinking takes place. America needs positive influences to teach our young people how to drink responsibly and to expose them to alcohol in a healthy way. A large group of people want to expose America's youth to drinking because doing so will bring forth a new and upcoming generation of responsible drinkers. It is crucial the America's youth is exposed to alcohol in a healthy way because we are in a time of need. Drinking has become a dangerous thing in our culture that often leads to death, but we are not too late to reverse these trends. We only need to educate our youth about drinking through exposure.