Welcome To My Life
CTW 1:

Alcohol Project

Outsourcing Project

Low Wage Research Hypertext

Learning Essay

CTW 2:

Little Brother Remix

Christian Curriculum Research Hypertext

Learning Essay

Splash Page Pic  I am currently a Freshman at Santa Clara University from
  Portland, Oregon. I am very involved with Core, Bible
  studies, and I have a love for sports. I played tennis for 3
  years in high school, and I am involved with intramural
  tennis here at Santa Clara. I am an anthropology major, and
  I plan to become a missionary in Africa after my four years
  here at SCU.

  During the next 6 months, I am taking a CTW class with
  professor Marc Bousquet who is working on a project
  called Remixing Little Brother. Throughout the span of this
  class, I will be creating and posting websites about topics
  I find interesting. I will be sharing a lot of my personal
  opinions in these sites, and I hope that you enjoy them.