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Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol is something that people know, but many people do not know the facts. By showing people some of the things it actually does might keep the alcohol binging low.

1. An ounce of alcohol contains the amount of calories that a baked potato has. This is why many freshmen in college gain what as known as the "Freshmen 15"

2. Every year, thousands of people choke on their own puke while they are drunk.

3. 55% of thirteen year olds have at least tried alcohol.

4. Alcohol is actually a depressant.

5. Alcohol is created from fermented grain and fruits. It is a process that uses yeast and some bacteria to morph the sugars into the alcohol.

6. Since females have more water in their bodies than males, they absorb alcohol at a faster rate.

7. After consuming 2 or 3 beers or 5 standard glasses of wine most people feel more relaxed. Anything more usually causes a person to have slurred speech and incoordination.

8. Alcohol is the second leading cause of dementia.