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Fall Quarter
The Fall of Saigon
These are the stories that have effected me and my decsions in life. They are the reason for who I am and why I am here.
Video Games
The Hardcore gamers vs. Casual gamers
LowWageLife: The Invisible Janitor
The Low Wage Life of the Invisible Janitor.
Learning Essay
My learning essay about everything i learned in the fall quarter. Also has info on my low wage Life Website
I am a freshman at Santa Clara University and i am a biology major/ pre med. These are the websites that were created through Remixing little brother which is a Critical Thinking and Writing class.  
Spring Quarter

Remixing Little Brother

A remix of little brother into the formate of a facebook news feed.

Remix Tune Up False Negative:

Why a 80% test would not cut it in a zombie apocalypse.

Analytical Hypertext:
Little Brother

Social Media and Privacy. What is your defenition?

Scene By Scene
Learning Essay