Escape from DHS Island

Scene 1
--Open with Daryl about to get tortured.

Daryl: I’ve been tortured for what seems like forever

--Zoom in on Daryl getting water boarded

Daryl: The days have faded together to form a single haunting memory

--Show Daryl in his cell looking hungry, clutching his knees to his chest. Show him dirty and fatigued

Daryl: it clouds every bit of my thinking.

--Go back to Daryl getting tortured

Daryl: I am now numb


Daryl: The torture continues, I see no end in sight.

Scene 2

--Flashback to times with Marcus and friends, at a café getting ignored

Daryl: Hey we could have people over this weekend to my house.

Marcus: Daryl your house sucks, how about Vans house instead.

Van: Yeah, ill have my mom make those noodles.

Marcus, Jolu: Yeah! Awesome.

Daryl: my mom won’t let me.

Daryl is ignored.

Marcus: Ill bring my extra 2 hard drives, we’ll install them tonight

Daryl: those are mine

Van (interrupting Daryl): ok, thanks Marcus.

--Daryl looks down at the table while Marcus and Van continue talking

Marcus: What’s wrong D?

Daryl: well, I just feel like… (pause)…. oh never mind

Marcus: Alright Daryl, whatever man

--Scene changes back to Daryl’s cell

Daryl: they only cared about themselves.

--Daryl starts to whimper to himself

Daryl: I just took their shit. I can’t let that keep happening.

Scene 3

Scene opens from Daryl’s POV watching a guard bring him some nasty grub

Guard: Daily special haha

--he throws the food on the ground near Daryl

Daryl: looks great, (he throws it back at the guard sternly)

Guard: how about no food for the rest of the weekend?

Daryl: it’ll keep coming your way asshole

--Camera angle changes to see other prisoner’s cells

Other prisoners start hooting and hollering

Guard to another guard: grab Carrie and see what she thinks.

--Severe Hair cut lady enters smoking a cigarette

Carrie: Where’s the problem... what him? Haha he will comply, he always does

--She puts out her cigarette on Daryl’s arm

--Daryl yelps and screams, he keels over in pain clutching his forearm, his arm starts to bubble up where the burn is

--Camera switches back to Carrie talking to the guards

Carrie: I think I’ve made myself clear, he’s spineless (peering down at Daryll)

--She starts to walk away

--Daryl gets back up on his feet still clutching his arm and stares down Carrie. Carrie turns around. Carrie stared back for a second turns around and lights another cigarette and leaves down the hall. The camera watches her leave from the POV of one of guards in front of Daryl’s cells

--Daryl continues to angrily look at the guards; they brush it off and leave in a pack, talking amongst themselves.

--the scene ends with Daryl standing clutching his bleeding, burnt arm. He looks extremely angry.

Scene 4

--Scene opens with Daryl walking out into the large concrete “yard” he has been locked  up for what seems like a while after his little dispute with Carrie and the guards, he was recently fed and his punishment for his actions earlier have been released.

--As Daryl walks into the light and he immediately shields his eyes from the bright sun, he is walking tall with a semi-smirk on his face. He’s feeling like a badass for the first time in his life and his swag full strut shows this. Another captive begins to approach him. He is a little bit older than Daryl, skinny, tall, and very scruffy. There is some dirt smeared on his face. He seems mature.

Jacob: Hey man that was bold, you got some balls

--Daryl looks a little embarrasses yet happy for the recognition

Daryl: hey thanks, I thought I was done for. My names Daryl by the way

Jacob:  I’m Jacob. What are you in for?

Daryl: I was in the wrong place at the wrong time

Jacob: oh yeah?

Daryl: they seem to think I’m some computer hacking terrorist.

Jacob: That’s rough; I guess I deserve to be here.

Daryl: no one deserves this

Jacob: well I mean I see why they are suspicious; I was trying to make some napalm. I was just bored and…

--Just then guards come running over and break the guys up. Zip tying their hands behind their back and dragging them off to their respected cells

--When in the yard they are not allowed to talked to each other

--Daryl starts to bleed as his skin is scraped across the concrete, he notices it but it seem apathetic; he is completely numb

Scene 5

--Daryl sits in his cell trying to entertain himself

--He starts moving around little clumps of dirt that have collected in the corners of the room, his knees have dried blood all over them but he doesn’t seem to mind

-- He spends a couple of minutes making structures with the dirt

Daryl (in his mind): I wonder what Jacob need napalm for… is he a suspected terrorist? He’s such a young nice kid. What would make some one in their 20s become a terrorist?

--Some guards walk by talking franticly, Daryl moves closer to the door to hear what they are saying.

Guard 1: Shit, we got to take care of this.

Guard 2: They know way too much

Guard 3: we can’t just kill all of them.

Guard 2: we should fall on our sword.

--Daryl (in his head): wait what?

Guard 1: The National Guard is coming in the next couple of days, we know some of them are terrorists; we ought to kill them all. The innocent won’t testify against us and the guilty are terrorists who should be dead in the first place. Win win.

Guard 2: I don’t think that... (the conversation starts to fade and they get further and further away).

--Daryl puts his head in his hands and starts sobbing.

Daryl (in his head): I’m going to die in here

--Daryl continues to sob with his head in his hands. The camera starts to pan out away from him and then the scene ends.

Scene 6

Daryl is now allowed to eat in the cafeteria.

Daryl is sitting at a table alone with Jacob.

--Jacob is talking about God knows what, running his mouth and Daryl just sits there playing with his food.

--Daryl puts down his fork and looks up at Jacob

Jacob: (pauses his story) Hey man, you good? Not hunrgy.

Daryl: they’re going to kill us all.

Jacob: Whoa, what are you talking about?

Daryl: I heard the guards talking; we are all evidence of this operation

Jacob: oh my god. we gotta get out of here.

Daryl: I know, here’s my plan, if we can concentrate a solution that is acidic enough to burn through the metal bars that cover the window we can escape at night, we can try and swim back, maybe a boat will find us. Anyway it’s a start. We will escape tomorrow right when the guards are switching shifts. Ill meet you outside of you’re window.

Jacob: ok that sounds like a plan; use vinegar and ketchup

Daryl: ill start working on the batch.

--Daryl stands up grabs a bottle of rice wine vinegar and some ketchup packets from the cooks and stashes it away in his baggy issued clothing. He has lost so much weight you could fit another inmate in there with him.

--Jacob has left and returned to his cell

--Daryl returns to his cell

Scene 7

--Daryl empties the ketchup into the rice wine vinegar bottle and shakes it up

--He leaves it in the sun to evaporate some of the water

--He watches carefully to see if there are any guards that might want to take it away thinking he is making prison hooch.

Daryl: (says to him self not it his head) I am finally going to do something for myself.

--he sits there staring at his concoction slowly boil off the water and become more concentrated

--the camera pans out on him not into the building but out of the window essentially for shadowing his escape route/his escape.

Scene 8

--Finally the night of the escape

--The sun goes down, Daryl spills the mixed concentrated solution on to the bars that hold him captive. It smells terrible. A fizzling noise is heard, it appears that his plan is working.

--Daryl coughs a little bit backing away from the stench.

Scene 9

The day guards do their final walk through, looking in all of the rooms. By this time the fizzing has seized and the smell had dissipated.

--The door closes, indicating that the coast is clear, the guards have been so preoccupied with the imminent arrival of the National Guard to crack down on this operation that the prisoners have started to get away with a lot more.

--Daryl starts to try the bars that hold him captive. Two of them snap out immediately

Daryl: haha (laughing)

--The last bar starts to wiggle free

Daryl: (grunts and pushing) yes!

--It pops free

--Daryl hops up on his bed and squeezes through the window

Almost all of the prisoners are sleeping at this hour

--He starts looking into the prisoner’s cells on the other side of the hallway searching for Jacob.

-- No prisoners are in their cells

Daryl (to himself): could they have started the mass murder?

--He walks back to his side of the hall way and sees two guards with a hypodermic needle closing in on a sleeping prisoner, on guard covers the prisoners mouth as the other stabs him with the needle, the prisoner struggle for a tiny bit but dies almost instantaneously. His limp body is dragged into the darkness.

Daryl: (starts gagging and coughing he cannot believe his eyes)

--He starts to make his way into the water; the rocks are sharp and slippery, he is still coughing/gagging, very carefully watching his step

--He plunges into the water; it is so cold that it is difficult to breathe. He can see San Francisco.

--He starts swimming quickly at first then he starts to pace himself, hes got a long swim a head of him.

--Sirens start to sound

Daryl: fuck, shit,  not good

--Giant searchlights, Daryl never noticed start to scanning the water, occasionally fixating on a floating log or some porpoises.

--The lights get closers and closer to Daryl

--The camera goes to Carrie, she is with a couple of other guards who are manning the search lights.

Carrie: where are you, you elusive piece of shit

--She pauses as she takes fat drag on her cigarette

Carrie: I am not going to be foiled by some kid. (pause) find the kid

Guard 1: I think I got him, yup there he is I’ve got him.

--Camera goes to Daryl

Daryl: shit

--Camera returns to Carrie and the guards

Carrie: All right kill him, get the sniper out and ready.

--The guards put the sniper together and one start to take aim

Guard 2: snipe is out and hot

Guard 2: locked on

Carrie: take him

--The guard lets off one round

--Camera moves to Daryl

Daryl: ahhhhhh

--He grabs him leg, he’s been shot

--Camera show his leg bleeding into the water

--The open wound is stinging from the salt in the water

He starts to struggle to stay above water

--Camera returns to Carrie and the guards

Guard 2: we’ve hit him; he’s wounded but still alive

Carrie: take another shot

--The gun sounds

--The Camera moves back to Daryl

--The shot goes through his stomach

--Daryl start to grab his stomach and his leg

--He is screaming in pain, the salt continues to burn

--His movements begin to slow down and he stops treading water, he slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean, his efforts to escape have failed.

--Camera returns to Carrie and the guards

Guard 2: got him again, I see no signs of him

Carrie: …good

--Scene ends with Daryl’s body submerged in water, still.

Scene 10

Narrator: he almost did it; almost did one boy over expose the truth about what occurred at DHS Island. Daryl went from nothing more than an average insecure teenager to a bold hero. Daryl acted courageously and confidently to avenge the death of other innocent prisoners held at DHS Island. Daryl almost did it. The DHS got away scot-free.