Conspiracy Theories


At the heart of all government conspiracy theories is something being withheld from the public. Popular conspiracy theories like that of Area 51, The Denver Airport, and those surrounding the terrorist attacks of 9-11. The start of all these conspiracy theories is usually something that people presume is a hint or a small minority of people see something that is unusual and jump to rash conclusions. The fact of the matter is that the government could stop these from ever occurring if they were not hiding things from the public. Many people may say what is the harm in conspiracy theories? Well the harm is that people actually believe them to be true, a quick example some people believe there are aliens in Area 51, in all likely hood it is just an air force base with secret technology, but the lack of information given by the government leads to the uneducation of many. Doctorow never completely brings up any conspiracy theories; however conspiracy theories and counter culture go hand in hand. It would be a safe bet to make that most of Doctorow's characters believe in at least some conspiracy theories.