Fruits of Their Labor
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Agricultural Migrant Workers

Every time you are about to eat a meal, whether it be at home or at a restaurant, you don’t think about how exactly the food arrived on your plate. I mean, this is something that no one naturally thinks about, since the first and probably only thought going through people’s heads is eating the delicious meal in front of them

Chances are that any agriculture one may eat in a meal is the result of agricultural migrant labor. Because we live in California, most of the crops we consume probably come from the hard work of migrant farmers in the Central Valley. Manual harvesting, pesticide use, and operation of machinery pose both immediate physical risks and long term chronic risks. Unsanitary living conditions are ripe for spreading diseases. Wages, as one can probably imagine, are extremely low.

Justice and equality is seemingly impossible for these workers. For example, because a majority of the laborers are either immigrant or undocumented workers, they may have language or citizenship barriers preventing them from bettering their lives.

If America really is the “Land of the Free”, then situations these laborers are put in should not be allowed to continue. However, with immigration and undocumented aliens already a hot topic in our country, as well as personal stakes and goals these laborers have in mind, finding a solution to this problem will be a tough task for anyone.  
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